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Welcome to my sports betting guide section for Canadians!  This is the section of the site where I pass on my knowledge of being a sports bettor in Canada.  I’m planning to add at least 3 articles to this section of the site every month, at least until it becomes a strong how to and strategy guide for Canadian bettors.

At the moment I’ve just included what I feel are the most important tips and explanations for Canadians.

Sports Betting 101

If you are just getting started placing bets online read these articles.  They will give you the crucial information to let you feel comfortable betting online and understanding the various features of the sportsbooks and the betting options available.  Check out the sportsbook bonus article if you are really new for a great step by step guide to taking advantage of the bonuses offered at three solid Canadian betting sites.

Must Knows

Understanding Betting Odds – You have to know how to read betting odds in order to understand what you are betting on.  This page breaks down decimal odds in detail with examples and also touches on American and fractional odds.

Understanding Parlay Bets – As a Canadian it’s important that you know how parlay bets work.  Most provincial run sports betting lotteries only accept parlay bets and understanding them will give you a better idea of the difference between betting through the government and betting online.

Differences Between Sportsbook Bonuses – I break down what to look for in the terms of a sports betting sign up bonus including the rollover requirements, expiration, minimum deposits, offer codes and whether you receive bonus dollars or a free bet.

Quick Tips

Compare Odds Between Sportsbooks (Open Multiple Accounts) – Any winning sports bettor will tell you the same thing….It’s just as important to find the best odds as picking the right team.

Money Management 101 – Even the sharpest bettors would go broke if they didn’t understand sports betting money management.  This article breaks this down and gives you some basic rules to apply when managing your sports betting cash.

Bet in Canadian Dollars – Exchange fees can kill your profits.  For this reason it is essential that all of your accounts be in Canadian dollars.

Sportsbook Features

Live Betting – A breakdown of the advantages of live (in-play) betting and examples from each of the 3 top betting sites for Canadians.

Mobile Betting – Nowadays you can place bets from any mobile device.  Check out the advantages of mobile betting and examples from each of my recommended sportsbooks.

Sports Betting in Canada

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Canada? – This is a very common question among Canadians, so I have tried to answer this difficult question to the best of my abilities.

Bet Types

3-Way Bets (1×2) – A breakdown of the 3-way betting option, commonly referred to as 1×2, with a couple examples to help with the explanation.

Double Chance Bets – Similar to 3-way bets, except that you are essentially betting on 2 of the 3 possible outcomes.  Full explanation with examples.

Each-Way Bets – You may have noticed each-way betting options when placing certain outright winners bets.  This page explains what each-way bets are with examples.

Goalscorer Bets – There’s a wide variety of goalscorer betting options that I explain in this article including anytime goalscorer, first/last goalscorer, scorecast, wincast and timecast.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy – This section of the website is dedicated to daily fantasy sports, which boomed in the past decade, and still have a significant place in the sports betting industry here in Canada. Check out our dedicated pages with a recommended betting site for DFS and the scoring criteria for the sport:

If these articles found on this page are too Mickey Mouse for you I do plan on adding a more advanced betting strategy section in the future so check back for that.