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Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world and it is continuing to gain traction in Canada, as we try to catch up to the world powers in the sport.  The only time Canada participated in the World Cup was way back in 1986, and Canada lost each game they played and failed to score a goal.  We are beginning to get more competitive though and I am hopeful that we can qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Even if we aren’t doing great internationally, professional soccer is really taking off in Canada. Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and CF Montreal are all members of Major League Soccer, while the Canadian Premier League launching in 2017 will allow professional soccer to continue to grow here in Canada.

The Sports Betting Canadian

Soccer is not the first sport that comes to mind when you think about Canada, so it may surprise you that soccer is currently the highest participation sport in Canada with over 800,000 registered players!

Best Soccer Betting Sites

The following online sportsbooks each offer a wide variety of soccer betting options.  They accept bets on every Major League Soccer game, as well as offer lines from the majority of professional leagues around the world.

Bet365, being a UK based sportsbook, offers the widest variety of soccer betting options in terms of lower level professional leagues around the world, but if you are just interested in the MLS or major leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, etc, then any of the sites listed will meet your betting needs.

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Different Soccer Bets

There are many, many bets that you can make on soccer games.  Just looking at Bet365 right now I see that they are offering 123 bets on every Premier League game taking place on the weekend.  This number would go up even higher for high profile matches such as World Cup or Champions League.

***I’m using odds from for the examples below. That said, is our top rated site for soccer betting so be sure to compare odds when making your bets.

Full Time Result

There are three possible outcomes of a soccer game: the home team winning, the road team winning or a draw.  The full time result bet involves you selecting which of these three options will occur in the match.

Here is an example between Sheffield United and Manchester United in EPL action.  As you can see Manchester United is the favourite in the game with odds of 1.455 they win the game.

Full time result odds can also be labelled 1×2, money line, or to win (like above).

Spread Bets

Spread bets, also referred to as Asian Handicaps, bring the number of potential outcomes in the match down from 3 to 2.  In this example the handicap 1.5 goals, which means half of the bet is applied at a spread of 0.5 and half at a spread of 1 goal.  In this example the full bet on Manchester United is a winner if they win the game by 2 or more goals. If they win by 1 goal then half of the bet is a push (returned) and half of the bet is a loser.

Sheffield United has a handicap of +1.25 goals.  This means half of the bet on Sheffield United would be applied to a spread of +1 goals and half would be applied at +1.5 goals. If Sheffield wins or ties the game you would win the entire bet. If Sheffield loses by 1 goal would you win the +1.5 half of the bet and push the +1 half of the bet.

Total Goals Bets

With the total goals bet the oddsmaker will set a total number of goals to be scored by both teams during the match.  You can then bet on whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under this total.

In this example Bodog has set 3 as the total.  If 4 or more goals are scored in the match then the over 3 goals bet is a winner, and if 2 or fewer goals are scored then the under 3 bet is a winner. If exactly 3 goals are scored then the over/under bets would push and be returned.

Other Soccer Bets

Here are a few of the other soccer bets that can be made to give you an idea of the variety of bets that betting sites take on soccer matches.

  • Correct score.
  • Goalscorer bets.  Certain players to score the first, last or any goal in the match.
  • Draw no bet.  You can bet on either team to win with a draw resulting in your bet being returned.
  • Winning margin.  Bet on either team to win by a set number of goals.
  • Scorecast bets.  Bet on a player to score the first goal in the game and the final score.  These pay out high amounts.

Those are just a few.  To see everything you can bet on I suggest visiting and checking it our for yourself.

Futures Bets

The classic futures bets in soccer would be betting on which team will win the various leagues around the world, or which country will win the World Cup.  You can place futures bets at any time during the year because the odds will change depending on a clubs performance and their chances of winning their league.