Sports Betting in Quebec

Quebec is home to almost a quarter of Canadians.  There are 3 major professional teams playing out of Montreal, and Quebec City continues to try to bring an NHL team back to the city.  If you talk to a Quebec resident about the Canadiens or Alouettes you can quickly see the passion for their teams and the popular Canadian sports.

Quebec offers regulated sports betting under the Mise-o-jeu brand.  Loto-Quebec accepts Mise-o-jeu bets both online and through lottery retailers.

Sports Betting Canadian Mascot Pointing

I think it’s great that Quebec has taken the step to offer sports betting online.  It’s just unfortunate that the odds are so bad that Mise-o-jeu is really not a real option for Quebec residents.

Best Sports Betting Sites for Quebec Residents

I suggest Quebec residents do their online sports betting through at least one of these betting sites.  They are each dedicated to providing a great betting experience to Canadians through fair odds, great sign up bonuses and Canadian inspired betting options.

  • 1 See Website For Details
    • Licensed and regulated in Canada
    • Easy deposits & withdrawals including Interac
    • Competitive betting lines
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  • 2 See Website For Details
    • Licensed in Ontario and Malta (accepts bettors from across Canada)
    • Competitive betting lines
    • Easy deposit/withdrawal options, including Interac
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  • 3 See Website for Details
    • Most popular betting site worldwide
    • State of the art live betting platform including streaming of several events
    • Fixed odds for horse racing
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Mise-o-jeu Betting

The government run sports betting program in Quebec is called Mise-o-jeu.  Quebec residents are able to bet online through the Mise-o-jeu website or offline at any Loto-Quebec retailer.

Similar to many other provinces, Mise-o-jeu does not accept single game bets.  Instead you are only allowed to place parlay bets with between 2 and 8 picks per wager.  In order for the parlay wager to win, each of your picks must be correct.

Betting Online

To bet online you first have to create a Mise-o-jeu account.  This involves entering your personal information and also being verified as a Quebec resident.  After you have completed the sign up you can then make your deposit and place your bets at the site.

Sports Betting Canadian Picture

It’s just as easy to sign up at one of the 3 sportsbooks I recommended above, except you won’t have to verify where you live when you deposit.  You will also be treated to a nice sign up bonus, fair odds and great customer support.

Betting Offline

To bet offline you must first access the Mise-o-jeu website and set up your parlay betting card.  Each of the picks for your parlay bet will provide you with a prediction number.  You must enter these numbers on the selection slip at the Loto-Quebec outlet in order to buy your bet ticket. You can also print off a bar code with your selections that you can use to purchase your betting slip at a retailer.  If all of your picks are correct then you will be able to cash your winning Mise-o-jeu ticket at any Loto-Quebec retailer.

Sports Betting Canadian Mascot Pointing

I have to chime in here and say that the Mise-o-jeu odds are so bad I have to advise Quebec residents to stay away.  I did an odds comparison between a Mise-o-jeu and Sports Interaction with the exact same 4 team NFL parlay and found that you win significantly more at SIA – check it out here.  Any of the three sportsbooks listed above are great alternatives for Quebecers who aren’t interested in being taken advantage of by their provincial government.

Major Sports Teams in Quebec

  • Montreal Alouettes – CFL
  • Montreal Canadiens – NHL
  • Montreal Impact – MLS