Alberta Sports Betting

With a population of just over 4 million residents, Albertans are very lucky to be home to four major sports teams.  This includes NHL and CFL teams in both Edmonton and Calgary.  Needless to say the rivalry between these two large Alberta cities is fierce and this added element has helped sports betting take off in Alberta, especially when it comes to hockey or football.

The WCLC does offer Sport Select sports betting lotteries to Alberta residents, but because these betting options offer sub-par odds and few options, most Alberta sports fans choose to take their sports wagering online.

Best Sports Betting Sites for Alberta Residents

The Sport Select lotteries of Proline, Point Spread and Pools offered by the WCLC are not player friendly when it comes to the odds offered and the restrictions placed on bettors.  Alberta residents who are in the know take their sports betting online to receive a far better betting experience.  Listed below are three highly respected sportsbooks that I have used for many years.  Each of these sportsbooks is dedicated to providing a great experience for Canadian bettors (Bodog and Sports Interaction actually cater only to Canadians).

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Offline Sports Betting in Alberta

WCLC Betting

All legal offline sports betting in Alberta runs through the WCLC (Western Canada Lottery Corporation).  Sport Select is the term for all of the sports betting lottery options that WCLC offers, but all of the options are sometimes simply referred to as Proline, which is the most popular betting option.

The Sport Select games, as they are called by the WCLC include Proline, Point Spread and Pools.  All residents of Alberta that are of the age of majority are allowed to place their sports bets at their local WCLC outlet through these Sport Select options.  You can usually find Sport Select games at your local convenience store or gas station.


To bet on Proline, players make 3 to 6 selections for the nights games.  The options include V, T, and H for the outcome of the game, as well as over/under for each game.  The options mean something different for various sports, so check out the full Proline page to see the entire breakdown.

Proline works as a parlay bet, which means that each of your 3 to 6 selections must be correct for your ticket to win.  The odds associated with each of your selections are multiplied together to find the parlay odds, which are then multiplied by your wager amount to find your potential payout.  If all of your selections are correct then you can bring your payout ticket back into the WCLC outlet and receive your winnings.

Sport Betting Canadian Hockey Mascot

Like most Canadian sports bettors, I started out betting on NHL games through Proline at my local convenience store.  Now that I’m an avid sports bettor I realize how much money I was leaving on the table by not switching to online sports betting earlier.  The odds at online sportsbooks are far more player friendly and the added options and freedom that betting online provides makes the experience much more enjoyable and profitable!  Check out our Proline betting page to see just how much cash you might be leaving on the table by betting through Proline.

Point Spreads

Point spreads betting is also very popular in Alberta.  Point spreads betting is similar to Proline, but there are no odds associated with each selection.  Instead you pick either side of the spread for between 2 and 12 games (V or H).  The potential payout depends on the number of picks you select; the more picks the higher the payout multiplier.  Check out the detailed Point Spread page for the complete breakdown.


Pools are fun because you have the opportunity to win a lot of money.  You also don’t have to worry about odds or spreads because you simply pick which team you think will win the game.  A good Pools example would be picking every winner on Sunday in the NFL.  Everyone who buys a Pools ticket is entered into the Pool and a percentage of their buy-in goes to the pot.  Whichever player hits the most correct winners in that Pool takes home the entire pot. Check out our Pools page for a full breakdown.

Sports Betting Canadian Mascot

Sport Select is great for those of you just starting out in sports betting.  I know for a fact that the majority of Canadians have bet on Proline or the equivalent before ever opening an online account.  That said the grass is much greener with an online sportsbook.  If you bet more than a few bucks a year I strongly encourage you to make the jump!

Major Sports Teams in Alberta

Below is a list of the major sports teams located in Alberta. Click on the city name for a more detailed look at sports betting in that city.


  • Calgary Flames – NHL
  • Calgary Stampeders – CFL


  • Edmonton Eskimos – CFL
  • Edmonton Oilers – NHL

Horse Racing in Alberta

Major Tracks

  • Century Mile, Edmonton.
  • Stampede Park, Calgary.