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Loto-Quebec is the lottery corporation that runs all of the gambling activity regulated by the Quebec provincial government.  These activities include the provincial casinos in Quebec, lottery games and of course sports betting.  Mise-o-jeu is the brand run by Loto-Quebec that offers all of the regulated sports betting in Quebec.

Betting Site Alternatives to Loto-Quebec

I recommend any of the following three sportsbooks for Quebec residents.  They are each committed to building their Canadian sports betting market share by offering the best online betting experience to Canadian bettors.

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    • Licensed and regulated in Canada
    • Easy deposits & withdrawals including Interac
    • Competitive betting lines
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  • 2 See Website For Details
    • Licensed in Ontario and Malta (accepts bettors from across Canada)
    • Competitive betting lines
    • Easy deposit/withdrawal options, including Interac
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  • 3 See Website for Details
    • Most popular betting site worldwide
    • State of the art live betting platform including streaming of several events
    • Fixed odds for horse racing
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Sports Betting Canadian Mascot Pointing

Loto-Quebec does offer online sports betting to Quebec residents through the Mise-o-jeu website.  The problem is that the odds are so bad any sane Quebecer should open an account at one of my recommended sportsbooks over signing up with Mise-o-jeu.  A regular online sportsbook like the ones I’m recommending offer odds of 1.91 for spread bets, while Mise-o-jeu offers only 1.70 odds.  That’s a 21 cent difference on every $1 that you bet!  Deal breaker…

Loto-Quebec Sports Betting – Mise-o-jeu

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As mentioned earlier all of the government regulated sports betting in Quebec is called Mise-o-jeu.  There is a Mise-o-jeu website online where you can register an account and start placing bets (you must verify that you are a Quebec resident), or you can fill out selection slips at your local Loto-Quebec retailer.

All Mise-o-jeu bets must be 2 to 8 team parlays, which can be very constricting to bettors.  That said this rule is enforced by the majority of provincial lottery corporations (I don’t know why).

At the risk of repeating myself I’m just going to link out to my dedicated Mise-o-jeu betting page where you can find a lot more information on Mise-o-jeu, including an example comparison between Mise-o-jeu betting odds and those of a fair online betting site.