Goalscorer betting is a lot of fun and can be profitable because it allows you to key in on certain players or situations that you think you can take advantage of.  It also allows you to bet on a finer detail of a specific game.

Goalscorer betting is available in a wide variety of sports where goals or points are earned by players, but I do admit that soccer matches are where this type of bet is the most popular.  Because of this I will be using soccer matches in my examples throughout the article.

Sports Betting Canadian PictureI personally do a lot of anytime goalscorer betting, especially when I will be watching the game for entertainment purposes.  With an anytime goalscorer bet you’re always in it as long as your player is on the field (or ice).

I’ve had to take down the screenshot examples.  I will try to update this page with more screenshots once I get permission to do so.  Until then I’ve tried to include examples with text.

Anytime Goalscorer

Just like how it sounds, with this betting option you can bet on any player from either team to score a goal during the match.

First/Last Goalscorer

You can also specify if a player will score the first or last goal of the match.  The odds will increase quite a bit if you specify which goal the player will score.

Here’s an example of the odds from the Iceland vs Portugal game at Euro 2016:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    • First 3.40
    • Last 3.40
    • Anytime 1.83
  • Antonio Eder
    • First 7.00
    • Last 7.00
    • Anytime 3.25
  • Luis Nani
    • First 7.00
    • Last 7.00
    • Anytime 3.25
  • Ricardo Quaresma
    • First 8.50
    • Last 8.50
    • Anytime 4.00


With regular scorecast betting you are betting on a combination that includes the first goalscorer in the match and the correct final score.  With this type of bet you can often get some very high odds and large subsequent payouts if you’re correct.

Here is an example using Luis Nani to score first and the match to finish with Portugal winning 2-1.

  • Luis Nani to score first + Portugal to win 2-1 had odds of 45/1

You can also choose ‘Anytime Scorecast’ which is the exact same thing except the player is able to score at anytime through the match, as long as the score is still correct.


With wincast betting you still have to select the player to score the first goal in the match, but instead of selecting the correct score you simply have to choose the full time result.  Here’s an example once again using Luis Nani with Portugal to win.

  • Luis Nani to score first + Portugal to win in regulation had odds of 7/1


With timecast you’re once again selecting which player to score first, but the combination involves selecting which group of minutes that goal will be scored in.  Here’s an example using Luis Nani to score the first goal of the match in the second half.

  • Luis Nani to score first + time of first goal 46+ had odds of 22/1