Canadians love their MMA.  Georges St. Pierre is a household name throughout Canada and of course the UFC have other massive stars such as Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, and Sean O’Malley who have become stars worldwide.  The Rogers Centre held the record for the largest attendance at an event in UFC history for many years (it no longer holds the record), which shows how big the UFC is in Canada.

The UFC has become somewhat of a monopoly for MMA throughout the world, after purchasing the WEC, Strikeforce and Pride.  This is great for the sport and UFC bettors because it puts all of the best fighters in the world on the same roster and allows for competitive fights on every card.

Canadians should bet on the UFC online through a reputable betting site like the three I’ve listed below.

Best UFC Betting Sites for Canadians

Each of these sites will take bets on all fights from every UFC event.  I expect UFC betting to continue to grow in popularity and for these Canadian sportsbooks to continue to improve their UFC bet offerings in order to keep up with the demand from Canadians who love MMA.

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UFC Betting Options

There are more options than you may think when it comes to betting on a UFC fight.  The most obvious and popular betting option is simply wagering on which fighter will win.  After that there are a several other betting options including total rounds (over/under), method of victory (how the fight ends) and round betting (betting on a fighter to win in a specific round).  Below I’ll look at a few of these betting options using example screenshots from SIA and Betway.

To Win Fight

This is the most basic and popular form of UFC betting.  You simply wager on which fighter you think will win the fight.  The fighter can win via knockout, submission, DQ, or decision.  The only thing that matters is that he has his arm raised at the end of the fight.

Here is an example using the odds from the UFC 300 main event fight between Alex Pereira and Jamahal Hill.

Sports Interaction:


This is also a great example of why it is advantageous to have accounts with each of the 3 recommended Canadian sportsbooks.  You can see that the odds here are quite a bit different between Sports Interaction and Betway.

If you think Jamahal Hill is going to win then you should bet with Sports Interaction.  A bet on Hill to win the fight at Sports Interaction pays out at odds of 2.15, which means a $100 bet would payout $215 for winnings of $115.  That same wager would only win $100 at Betway.

But if you think Pereira is going to win the fight then you should bet at Betway because you get odds of 1.80 at Betway, instead of 1.71 from Sports Interaction.  This is the difference between a $180 payout on a $100 bet and a $171 payout.

Total Rounds

This is another common bet, which involves wagering on how long the fight will last.  The sportsbook will provide a total and you can bet on whether the fight will last over or under that number of rounds.  Here’s an example using the Pereira vs Hill fight:

In this example the over bet would win if the fight lasts past the 2 minutes 30 seconds mark of the second round.  The under bet would win if the one of the fighters finishes the fight before half way through the second.

Round Betting

Getting a little bit more technical you can also bet on when either fighter will win the fight.

As you can see you can bet on either fighter to finish the fight in any round or to win via decision.  According to these odds Pereira has a great shot at winning the fight in round 1.

Method of Victory

The fourth betting option is how the fight will end.  There are three ways for either fighter to win: knockout, submission or decision.

According to these odds the most likely outcome is for Pereira to win the fight by knockout (odds of 2.00). Hill’s most likely path to victory according to these odds is also via knockout at odds of 2.75.

Method of victory betting can be great for bettors who understand the fighters strengths and weakness, as well as the likely game plan for each fighter.  If you know all of this information you can get a fairly good idea of how the fight will play out and can bet accordingly.  If you think Hill can only win this fight if he connects with a knockout, then the 2.75 knockout odds look much better than the 2.15 odds for Hill to simply win the fight from the same betting site.