BCLC Sports BettingThe British Columbia Lottery Corporation, also simply known as the BCLC, is the provincial government run corporation that oversees all of the gambling done in British Columbia.  This includes horse betting, slots, lotteries, casinos and of course sports betting.

The BCLC is the first provincial sports lottery to run an online betting site that is actually reasonable fair to players.  PlayNow.com was launched in 2004, but it wasn’t until June of 2012 that a sportsbook feature was added to the site.  PlayNow has replaced Sports Action for online bettors in British Columbia, but Sports Action is still available to those BC residents that prefer to place bets offline.

BCLC Sports Betting Options

The BCLC offers different betting options for BC residents depending on if you want to bet online or offline.

PlayNow.com – Online

PlayNow BC Sports BettingPlayNow.com is the online sportsbook for BC residents, that is run by the BCLC.  I was surprised to see that PlayNow.com actually offers fair odds to players that are comparable to the odds provided by the betting sites that I recommend to Canadians.  The design of the website is great, the sign up process is very smooth if you are a BC resident with a credit card and the betting selection is quite good.  Overall, I am very impressed with the PlayNow.com sportsbook that the BCLC has put together.

**You should note that PlayNow does not accept single game bets.  You are only allowed to place parlay bets with at least 2 selections on each wager.

Sports Action – Offline

Sports Action is the offline betting option in British Columbia.  To bet on Sports Action you fill out a selection slip at your local BCLC outlet and purchase your parlay ticket.

There are so many negatives associated with Sports Action that I strongly suggest BC residents either sign up at PlayNow.com or another online betting site.  Sports Action offers some of the worst odds of all of the provincial sports lotteries, you are forced to bet 2 to 6 team parlays and the betting selection is horrible.

Other Online Betting Site Alternatives To BCLC

Sportsbook Bonus Review Visit
1 100% up to $200T & C Apply Review Visit
2 100% up to $200T & C Apply Review Visit
3 See Website for DetailsT & C Apply Review Visit

PlayNow.com is also a very solid option for British Columbia sports bettors.  One negative about PlayNow.com is that they don’t offer a sign up bonus, while these there sportsbooks all offer between $100 and $200 to entice you to sign up.  The other negative is that they don’t allow single game bets.  Other than though the odds are very similar and PlayNow.com even has some promotions comparable to these sites.

Sports Betting Canadian Mascot PointingMy advice to BC residents would be open an account at PlayNow.com in addition to my recommended betting sites.  This way you can compare odds and get the best bang for your buck on every bet.  The BCLC did some good work with PlayNow.com.  A fair betting option run by a provincial lottery corporation was something I didn’t think I would ever see.  I have to give credit where it’s due.