Golf betting in Canada continues to gain popularity. The sport simply lends itself to betting perfectly. The sweat is long with a four day tournament, so you get your moneys worth. Live betting and round betting is available so you can always add action. And payouts can be massive if you hit the tournament winner.

On this page I will recommend our top rated golf betting sites, provide explanations and examples of some of the popular golf betting options, and direct you to our tournament specific articles.

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Golf is currently my favourite sport to bet on. Having a 100-1 long shot in the hunt on the Sunday of a major is great time. Every shot can mean the difference between a huge payday and a loss. The bang for your betting buck simply can’t be beat!

Best Golf Betting Sites

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These are the three best golf betting sites for Canadian bettors.  Each of these sportsbooks offers a wide range of betting options for every golf tournament through the year, and each of these sportsbooks are dedicated to succeeding in the Canadian market, which means great bonuses, promotions, bet selection and banking options for Canadians.

Golf Betting Options

I used to think you could only bet on the outright winner of a golf tournament, but as I became interested in betting on golf I came to realize that there are actually a ton of bets you can make.  I’ll go over a few of these betting options below, starting with outright winner bets (which are the most popular) and finishing up with some of the more obscure prop bets you can make each week.

Outright Winner

This is the most basic and popular form of golf betting.  You simply wager on which golfer you think will win the tournament.  Each golfer will have odds associated with their perceived chances of winning the golf tournament.  If you pick a bigger underdog, you’ll get a bigger payout than if you pick a favourite.  Fairly straight forward stuff.  Here’s an example using the odds heading into the 2024 Masters Tournament from

There are the odds for the 10 favourites for this event.  I’m personally putting down a $50 wager on Brooks Koepka at 18/1.  If he wins the tournament my bet will win $900.

***I find it very important to compare odds between sportsbooks, especially for long futures odds such as outright winners in golf, because they vary quite a bit between sportsbooks.  It’s not a good feeling for your 80/1 golfer to win a tournament, but then you realize that Sports Interaction had him listed at 120/1.  You might not win these long odds bets often, but when you do it’d be a lot more fun to win $1200 vs $800 off the same $10 bet.

Finishing Position

Each of our recommended sportsbooks also offers various finishing position bets.  For example, for all of the big tournaments Betway offers top 5 finish, top 10 finish and top 20 finish betting lines.  Here’s what the top 10 finish odds looked like for the Masters in 2024:

If I were to bet on Koepka to finish in the top 10 a $100 wager would payout $275.

Head To Head/Group Betting

Head to head betting is where you pick which of two golfers will score better on the course.  Group betting is when the sportsbook gives you a group of 3, 4, 5 or 6 golfers and you choose which golfer will have the best round or tournament.  Here is an example of 72 hole (full tournament) group betting with 5 players for The Masters:

  • Scottie Scheffler 2.37
  • Jon Rahm 5.00
  • Rory McIlroy 5.00
  • Xander Schauffele 6.00
  • Brooks Koepka 8.00

From that group you can select one golfer and if they score the best out of that group of 5 you would win the bet.

Round Betting

Round betting is the exact same as outright winner betting, except that you bet on individual rounds.  For example, here’s the first round leader odds for the 2024 Masters:

The first round leader bets are generally longer for the favourites and shorter for the long shots because anything can happen in a single round.

Top Countryman (Nationality Betting)

Betway also gives you the option to bet on various classifications.  For example, you can bet on the top European or top American finisher in a tournament.  The top finisher of various countries such as England, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, South African, Australia and more.  Here’s the top Canadian odds for the 2024 Masters from

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