2024 March Madness Bracket Contests for Canadians

Selection Sunday is done and the 2024 NCAA Tournament bracket is set. It’s time to start filling out as many NCAA brackets as we can get our hands on.  I personally love filling out brackets and I always search around the web each year to join as many brackets as possible to give myself a shot at winning some decent prizes.  The problem I’ve run into is that a good chunk of the March Madness contests I come across are only available to Americans.  This includes some of the biggest bracket contests such as CBS and more.

To save you the time finding all of these bracket contests that only accept Americans I’ve put together the below list of NCAA bracket contests that allow Canadians to join and win the prizes.  The majority of contests I’ve listed below are free to enter, but I’ve also included a couple of value added bracket contests at the bottom of the page.

The Sports Betting Canadian

If you know of any Canadian friendly bracket contests that I haven’t listed below drop me a line through the Contact page and I’ll add it to the list.

Free March Madness Bracket Contests for Canadians

Bet365 Bracket Challenge

  • Total Prizes: TBD
  • Prize Distribution: Top 5000 Places Paid
    • 1st Prize – $100,000
    • 2nd Prize – $25,000
    • 3rd Prize – $10,000
    • 4th Prize – $5,000
    • 5th Prize – $1,000
    • TBD Prizes for 6th through 5000th
  • Perfect Bracket Bonus: $10,000,000 prize for perfect bracket
  • Open to Canadians with a Bet365 Account. Click here to open a Bet365.com Account.
  • Contest Rating: 10/10

Bet99 One Shining Bracket Contest

  • Total Prizes: $1096
  • Prize Distribution: Top 4 Places Paid
    • 1st Prize: $499
    • 2nd Prize: $299
    • 3rd Prize: $199
    • 4th Prize: $99
  • Open to Canadians with a Bet99 Account. **Not available to persons in Ontario. Click here to open a Bet99 Account.
  • Contest Rating: 7/10

ESPN Tournament Challenge

  • Total Prizes: $125,000 USD
  • Grand Prizes: Twenty grand prizes of $5,000 USD.
    • All entries that correctly pick the 2024 National Champion will be entered into a random drawing for the 20 prizes of $5,000 USD.
  • Other Prizes: 25 prizes of $1,000 cash.
    • Any person that fills out 25 completed brackets will be entered into a random drawing for the 25 prizes of $1,000.
  • Contest Rating: 8/10

Yahoo $25K Men’s Best Bracket Contest

  • Grand Prize: $25,000 USD
  • Other Prizes: None
  • Contest Rating: 5/10

Other Paid Contests

**More will be added when found.

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10 Responses to “2024 March Madness Bracket Contests for Canadians”

  1. Hey Niko – I’m just like you. Love scouring the web for free contests that I can join this time of the year.

    Thanks for hosting your own contest as well as putting this list together.

    As it write this, it says there are 2 Responses / Comments to this post, but I don’t see anything.

  2. Hey Danny, hopefully one of us can take down one of the above contests this year!

    As for the ‘Responses’ when I link to this page from other pages on the site the “pingback” also counts as a response, but it doesn’t show up in the comment section.

    1. Yes – here are a four more that I’ve come across. But they aren’t all the conventional bracket-style contests that we’re used to.

      Two of them are at SBR Forum and two of them are at Covers.com

      1) This first one at SBR Forum requires you to have an SBR Pro Membership. Details here: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/sbr-pro/

      This one is a traditional bracket-style contest.
      Prize Pool is $5000

      2) The other one at SBR Forum appears to only require making a regular account (without the Pro Membership)
      This one is picking winners against the spread rather than filling out a bracket.

      Prize Pool is also $5000

      3) Also a pick winners against the spread style contest, this one at Covers let’s you choose from games for the remainder of the College basketball post-season.
      Prize Pool is up to $3500 in cash and prizes.

      4) Lastly, this one is more simplified as you only need to pick the straight-up winners of each match-up during the March Madness tourney. It is not bracket-style. So more matchups will be added to choose from as teams advance to the next rounds.
      Prize Pool is $10,000

      SBR Forum and Covers are relatively popular websites so expect a lot of entrants and competition. Good luck to all who decide to join!

  3. Looks like the CBS Bracket Challenge site is also only for Americans (zip code is required to sign up) and not accepting Canadians 🙁

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