How To Bet On US Presidential Election in Canada

The Sports Betting CanadianThe 2016 Presidential election was a wild ride that eventually saw Donald Trump becoming President of the United States.  Trump was a huge long shot to become President when he announced his bid, but he was able to gain support throughout his campaign and eventually become President after what most would agree was the most media frenzied Presidential Election lead up in history.

Trump is expected to run again in 2020, which should mean we are in for another wild ride leading up to the Election.  Even as we are very far out from the 2020 election I still hear frequent rumblings about who could be the next president and what their betting odds are.  If you’re a Canadian and you’d like to bet on who will become the next President of the United States here’s a step by step guide to how to get started.

Bet On 2020 US Presidential Election in Canada – Guide

#1. Open An Online Betting Account

First you will need to open an online betting account.  Our top rated sportsbook is and they currently have a few different betting options avialble for the US Election.  They’re also offering a 100% up to $200 sign up bonus for new Canadian sign ups at this time.  Here’s a full review.

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Sports Betting Canadian PictureI haven’t been following much, so I can’t give an opinion about who I expect to be the next President.  But if you have a hunch or some inside info, just follow this guide and place your bet to win some cash.

#2. Deposit

Once you’ve opened your account you will need to make a deposit in order to have funds with which to bet.  I suggest depositing $200 or more in order to take full advantage of the 100% sign up bonus offered by Sports Interaction.

Check out our deposit methods page for more information about the various ways you can deposit and withdrawal at Canadian betting sites.

#3. Place Your US Election Bets

Now it’s time to place your bets.  Here’s a screenshot of the bets currently on offer at for the 2020 US Presidential Election (these odds may change daily):


After Donald Trump won the 2016 US Election it became clear that anybody who runs truly has a shot.  And the fact that he was a massive long shot early in his campaign shows there is money to be made.  These realizations have created a lot of speculation as you can see from the odds listed above.

Oprah Winfrey at 28/1 after she has explicitly stated she will not run for President.  The Rock at 50/1 is an interesting President to contemplate and Mark Zuckerberg at 66/1 would surely have an information edge if he decided to run.  These odds will change a lot over the next two years and I will update this page in 2020 as we get closer to the actual election.

To find the US Presidential Election odds at, you need to click on ‘Specials’ -> ‘US Elections’ in the sportsbook.

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  1. So how do I withdraw my money after i win a bet? And do they just take vVsa for the sign up deposit or do they take paypal as well? Thanks.

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