Best Odds on Canada to Win Copa America

Team Canada looked solid in their friendlies vs the Netherlands and France leading into Copa America 2024. Yes, they were eventually outclassed by Netherlands, but keeping the Dutch scoreless in the first half in Canada’s first match under new coach Jesse Marsch was admirable, although the flood gates did open in the second half. But then Canada played a terrific game against the #2 ranked team in the world in France, tying the French 0-0. The most impressive part of the match was that Canada actually had about half the possession and some quality chances of their own. This is a Canadian Men’s team that has the talent to compete with the best in the world on any given night. I personally think they’re being overlooked leading into Copa America 2024, which is why I wanted to add this article to see where to find the best return on Canada’s Copa America futures bets for my fellow believers.

Team Canada Outright Odds Comparison for Copa America

When placing futures bets it’s very important to compare odds. It’s common for futures bets to vary significantly between sportsbooks and for longshot futures, like Canada to win Copa America, that can result in a huge difference in potential payout.

Below I will look at the odds for three Canada Copa America futures wagers, using our five top rated betting sites for Canadians to compare the odds.

**These odds were taken on June 10th. I suggest visiting the betting sites yourself to compare up to date odds when you’re prepared to make your wager. All five of the betting sites we’re comparing are licensed by iGaming Ontario to operate in the regulated Ontario gaming market, while also serving the rest of Canada. So you can bet at these sites regardless of where in Canada you live.

Outright Winner has the best return on Team Canada to win the tournament outright. At 80-1 the implied probability of this bet hitting is 1.3%. If you think Canada has a better than 1.3% chance of shocking the world and winning Copa America then there’s value in this wager.

As you can see the odds can vary significantly between sportsbooks, so make sure you compare odds again.

I will personally have action on Canada to pull off this win. I think on paper Team Canada is talented enough to be a contender. If they figure out their game defensively and a few bounces go their way Canada could make a deep run. Holding France off the scoresheet in their final friendly gave me more confidence in the teams defensive ability.

Where To Bet on Canada to win Copa America: @ 80-1

Group A Winner

  • Bet365: 12-1
  • Bet99: 12-1
  • Betway: 12-1
  • Sports Interaction: 11-1
  • TonyBet: 12-1

Critics are already handing the Group A win to World Cup Champions, Argentina. Let’s not forget Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia in their opening match of the 2022 World Cup. I don’t believe Argentina is unbeatable.

Interestingly from an odds perspective, Sports Interaction had the worst odds for Canada to win Group A, in contrast to them having the best odds for Canada to win the tournament outright.

Where To Bet on Canada to win Group A: Not Sports Interaction

Canada To Qualify From Group A

  • Bet365: +250
  • Bet99: +250
  • Betway: +250
  • Sports Interaction: +190
  • TonyBet: +252

On paper Canada matches up well with both Peru and Chile in Group A. If you think Argentina is untouchable, but you still believe in Canada, then this might be the wager you’d look to make.

The odds are very similar at most sites (Sports Interaction actually has the worst again), but TonyBet gives you a slightly better return than the others.

Where To Bet on Canada to Qualify from Group A: @ +252

Canada to Win vs Argentina

  • Bet365: +750
  • Bet99: +730
  • Betway: +700
  • Sports Interaction: +775
  • TonyBet: +719

I wanted to include an odds comparison for an individual match as well to show you how different the odds can be between sportsbooks even for single matches. If you think Canada can shock Argentina in the opening match (similar to how Saudi Arabia did at the World Cup), then you should place your bet at

Canada or Draw (Double Chance) vs Argentina

  • Bet365: +200
  • Bet99: +175
  • Betway: +200
  • Sports Interaction: +210
  • TonyBet: +175

You can also place a Double Chance bet on Canada or Draw if you think Canada will put up a strong fight and at least keep Argentina from earning the win. Make sure you understand Double Chance bets and know how to calculate whether the Double Chance bet makes more sense than just placing separate Canada and Draw bets. also has the best return on Canada or Draw double chance wagers at the time of this article.

Alright, that’s enough comparisons for now. Make sure you compare odds yourself as well because the odds will change as we get closer to Copa America 2024.

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