2018 Toronto Blue Jays Futures Odds (World Series, Division, Wins)

After being contenders in 2015 and 2016, the Blue Jays had a rough 2017 season finishing 10 games below .500 and well out of the playoff hunt.  Heading into 2018 the Jays have taken a step back and are no longer top contenders in the American League like they were the past couple years.  You can check out our 2017 and 2016 Blue Jays futures odds articles to see how the odds for the Jays have lengthened from those years.

Below I will be look at the Blue Jays odds to win the World Series, American League Pennant and AL East title, as well as their over/under for wins this season.  I will be using the odds from one of our recommended betting sites for Canadians.

To Win World Series

  • Blue Jays 35/1

The Blue Jays have the 16th best odds in the MLB to win the World Series this year, so they are being considered a very average team heading into the season.  Those odds are compared to 22/1 last year and closer to 10/1 heading into 2016 when the expectations were high.

The Houston Astros are favourites to win the World Series this year with odds of 5/1, but the Dodgers, Yankees, Indians, Cubs, Nationals and Red Sox are all right there with odds of 10/1 or better as well.  After that group of 7 teams the odds balloon up past 20/1, so it’s quite likely the World Series winner is one of those 7 teams.

To Win American League Pennant

  • Blue Jays 16/1

At 16/1, the Blue Jays are being given the 7th best odds to win the American League Pennant.  The Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners both have odds of 16/1, and after that the odds sky-rocket up to 50/1 for the Tampa Bay Rays, with 6 other teams also being given very little shot at making the World Series.  So looking at these odds, the chances are slim, but the Blue Jays are still in the group of teams who are considered to have at least a shot of going to the World Series this year.

The Astros and Yankees are co-favourites at odds of 3.75, while the Indians and Red Sox are also right there as likely candidates at odds of 4/1 and 5/1 respectively.

To Win AL East

  • New York Yankees 1.69
  • Boston Red Sox 2.45
  • Toronto Blue Jays 9.50
  • Tampa Bay Rays 34.00
  • Baltimore Orioles 51.00

The oddsmakers believe it will be a two-team battle for the AL East crown, but the Blue Jays are the only other team in the division being given much of an outside chance at finishing atop the two perennially contending clubs.

Regular Season Wins Over/Under

  • Over 81.5 (1.87)
  • Under 81.5 (1.87)

Continuing with the theme of the Blue Jays having the expectations of a completely average team heading into the 2018 season, their over/under for wins is set just 0.5 games above .500.  Last year the over/under for the Jays was set at 84.5 and they ended up only winning 76 games to finish quite a bit under their expectations.

I’m not a baseball expert, so I have not given my predictions for any of the futures lines listed above.  This article is simply meant to take a look at what the expectations are for the Blue Jays heading into the 2018 season, at least from the point of view of the oddsmakers.

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