What Happened to Ukash Deposits?

If you were used to using Ukash to fund your online sports betting account, you may have noticed this option is no longer available.  Two of our top sportsbooks (Sports Interaction and Bet365) accepted Ukash voucher deposits for the past several years, but as of October 31st this deposit method was no longer available.

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I personally used Ukash to make deposits on several occasions and paysafecard is literally the exact same process.

What Happened?

In a nutshell Ukash was purchased by Skrill, which already owned PaySafeCard, another very similar online voucher payment method.  The company stopped selling Ukash vouchers on August 31st of this year and stopped honouring already purchased ones on October 31st.  They now only offer PaySafeCard, which is very similar and just as easy to use as Ukash was.

Ukash vs Paysafecard

Paysafecard is used in exactly the same way as Ukash.  You can purchase paysafecards at all Esso, Petro Canada or Canada Post retailers.

Once you’ve purchased your paysafecard you will get a 16 digit voucher pin code, similar to the code you would receive when you purchased a Ukash voucher.  You can then go to the online sportsbook where you want to deposit your funds, enter the dollar amount of the voucher and the pin code and your funds are immediately deposited onto the site.  It’s just that easy and exactly the same process as Ukash was.

So basically, there is no more Ukash, but Paysafecard does the exact same thing and is just as easy to purchase in Canada.

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