NHL Playoffs Betting Picks May 5th

Sport Betting Canadian Hockey Mascot Unfortunately a couple nights ago I went 0-3 which really hurt my NHL record for the picks I’ve been adding to the site.

Playoffs record now sits at 22-22 for -2.98 units.  Hopefully I can turn that around with a couple wins tonight.

Dallas Stars @ St. Louis Blues

Dallas Stars LogoThe Blues have been able to really turn this series around with a massive win in game 3.  I still think that the Stars should be able to even this series up heading back to Dallas if they can get a good game from their goaltender tonight.  I’m expecting Kari Lehtonen to get the nod after Niemi had a really rough start in game 3.  The Stars have to be the faster team and avoid the aggressiveness of the Blues if they hope to win tonight.  In St. Louis the Blues are able to get Pietrangelo out against the Benn line, which makes things that much more difficult for the Stars.  That said, I see this as a great bounce back spot for the Stars who have to know that their backs are right against the wall in this series.

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San Jose Sharks @ Nashville Predators

Nashville Predators LogoI backed the Sharks in game 3, but I’m going to put my money on the Preds tonight.  Nashville looked very good at home against the Sharks and if they are able to get the proper match ups against the Pavelski line they may be able to slow them down once again tonight.  When Pekka Rinne starts to play well it takes something special to score on him and I’m expecting another big game out of the big netminder tonight.  This is going to be a very tight game and I think the Preds come out on top and make it a very tight series.

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