NFL Week 15 DraftKings Running Back Plays

I chose David Johnson over Le’Veon Bell last week, which proved to be a monumental mistake.  Bell had an absolutely ridiculous game with 54.8 DK points, and Johnson had a weak game by his standards failing to reach 20 DK points.  Anyone who chose Bell over Johnson as their big money RB last week likely did very well.  It’s a similar decision this week with both players salaries going up making it next to impossible to include both guys on your roster.

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David Johnson ($10,100)

DJ is up over $10,000 now, but I’m going right back to him this week.  He still put up 18.1 DK points last week, but I’m expecting a bounce back to mid 30’s this week at home against the Saints who have a fairly weak ground defense and also rank worst in the league against running backs through the air.  The Cardinals season is almost lost, but Johnson is on pace for the record of most consecutive games of 100+ yards from scrimmage and I’m sure he is looking to set history with some more solid performances.

He will be a massive part of the offense again this week and I think you can justify paying up to over $10k for him.  I also think he will be low owned based on his average week 14 performance and the fact that people often get scared off by +$10,000 salaries.

Le’Veon Bell ($9,800)

I know I said it is near impossible to include both of the top guys in your lineups this week, but you have to still consider Bell as a top option.  He had the biggest week of the year with 54.8 DK points last week thanks to 38 rushing attempts resulting in 236 yards on the ground and 3 TD’s.  The Steelers were on the road in a snowy game in Buffalo, which forced the Steelers to hand the ball off to Bell a ton (also Roethlisberger threw 3 picks).  It’s a similar game this week with a road game where snow is expected.  The Steelers also can’t take their foot off the pedal in their playoff hunt, which should lead to a ton of usage for Bell.

LaGarrette Blount ($5,000)

The book is out on how to attack the Denver defense.  You hammer the ball at them on the ground and throw to openings in the middle of the field.  I expect the Pats to have no trouble putting up points this week in Denver and I think Blount will be a big part of the offense from the get go.  If the Pats get up like I expect them to Blount will continue to play a big role down the stretch.

I also love the price tag for Blount who has slowly been coming down from $6k over the past few weeks.

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