How To Bet On Super Bowl 50 in Canada

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The Super Bowl is the single most bet on sporting event of the year.  This year, with it being the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning’s swan song and a great battle between the highest finishing teams in both the NFC and AFC, I’m expecting a lot of Canadians to look to the internet to place some bets.

Every year around this time I get a lot of questions about how Canadians can bet on the Super Bowl.  This year, instead of answering these questions individually I decided to write this quick How To Guide to betting on the Super Bowl in 2016.

Bet On The Super Bowl in Canada – Step By Step Guide

#1. Open an Online Betting Account

I’m going to be betting on the Super Bowl this year at  They are our top rated betting site for Canadians.  Here’s a full review.

Click here to open an account with

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#2. Make a Deposit

After you’ve opened your account you will need to deposit some funds with which to bet on the Super Bowl.

To learn more about the various deposit options you can use at online betting sites click here.

#3. Place Your Super Bowl Bets

Now it’s time to place your Super Bowl bets.  The most common bets would be wagering on which team wins the game, the spread or the over/under.  As I’m writing this here are the current odds for the main bets at

Spread and Over/Under

  • Carolina Panthers (-5)
  • Denver Broncos (+5)
  • Over/Under 45.5


  • Carolina Panthers 1.51
  • Denver Broncos 2.65

To find the odds at Sports Interaction click on ‘Football’ from the sidebar menu and then ‘Super Bowl’.  You will see there are several other bets as well.

#4. Prop Bets You Say?

Those people who really like to get into the spirit of the Super Bowl love the prop bets.  These can include everything from the coin toss, to how many celebrity sightings there are in the stands, to of course every single individual and team stat you can think of.

To find the prop bets at click on ‘Football’ then ‘Super Bowl Props’, ‘Super Bowl Player Props’ or ‘Super Bowl Team Props’.  Yes, there are so many props that they’ve had to divide them into three different categories.

So that’s it.  Ready to Bet?  Click here to visit….

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