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Sports Betting Canadian Basketball MascotSteph Curry and the Golden State Warriors got the job done last night at home to book their ticket to the NBA Finals.  They’re joining Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers who found their way to the finals in even easier fashion, sweeping the Atlanta Hawks in somewhat easy fashion to set up this dream Finals matchup.

Now, because the NBA had already set up the Finals schedule we are going to have to wait a full week before June 4th arrives and the NBA Finals finally gets started in Oakland.  A lot of fans are upset about this long delay and it definitely isn’t an ideal situation, but to look on the bright side it gives us that much more time to break down what we THINK will happen in the series.

One great storyline for me is the Stephen Curry vs Lebron James finals matchup.  Curry was the MVP of the regular season and he just beat runner-up James Harden in the Western Conference Finals.  Now he’s up against second runner-up and the player who many consider the best player in the world and possibly the best player of all-time in the NBA Finals.  I’m excited for that dynamic and to see which one of these stars can will their team to a win.

Both of these teams were the favourites to advance out of their Conferences, but now who do the oddsmakers have as the favourite to win it all?  Let’s take a look.

NBA Finals Odds

Here are the odds from our top rated sportsbooks for Canadians:

According to those odds the Warriors are being given slightly better than a 2 out of 3 chance at winning the Championship.  If the oddsmakers are dead on then the Cavs win the series once out of every three times its played.  Is this that series?  Or are the oddsmakers not giving Lebron the credit he deserves?  Or is the Warriors shooting and depth just too strong for any Eastern Conference team to challenge them?  These are the questions you have to ask when deciding which team to back in these Finals.

My Pick

Cleveland CavaliersI’m finding it very hard to bet against Lebron James in these finals.  He’s put his team on his back throughout these playoffs and has looked utterly unstoppable at times.  The week off will also likely help the Cavs more as Lebron is saying he’s a bit beat up, but has been playing through the pain and the extra time will also help Kyrie Irving continue to try to get back to 100%.  Matthew Dellavedova was a beast in the last round against the Hawks, but the Cavs are going to need Irving in the lineup at 100% if they hope to beat the Warriors.

I’m also looking at the last two rounds and have to say the Cavs haven’t looked like they’re missing Kevin Love all that much.  Tristan Thompson has filled in admirably picking up more rebounds per minute played throughout the playoffs, which gives the Cavs an even better presence on the boards.  What he lacks in terms of Love’s offensive ability he makes up for on the defensive end and I actually think he may be a better fit for this team heading into the series with Golden State.

It’s very hard to bet against the Splash Brothers.  If they keep hitting their shots it’s nearly impossible for them to lose, but Kyrie Irving should be able to give Curry a difficult time.  That match-up is one to watch throughout the Finals because if Irving can match Steph Curry throughout the series I think Lebron should be able to lead the Cavs to victory.

This is the most exciting Finals I can think of, and we only have to wait a full week to get started!

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I truly think this series could go either way, which is why I’m taking the Cavs.

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