NHL Player Point Totals Betting for Canadian Teams – Eastern Conference

Sport Betting Canadian Hockey MascotThe NHL season starts tomorrow and that means all of the prop betting options that you currently have today and tomorrow could be off the board late tomorrow evening.  In this post I’m going to look at the NHL player point totals for some of the Canadian team players.

Let’s get right into it.  This post will look at the Eastern Conference Canadian team players.  Click here to check out the Western Conference post.

Bobby Ryan – Ottawa Senators

  • Over 53.5
  • Under 55.5

Ryan is healthy this season and he has just signed a big contract, which should take a lot of stress out of his game.  He has natural scoring touch and playing with Kyle Turris he should easily score more than 54 points if he stays healthy.

Kyle Turris – Ottawa Senators

  • Over 57.5
  • Under 58

Turris will be the go-to guy up front for the Sens this season.  He scored 58 points last year and he seems to keep getting better.

Clarke MacArthur – Ottawa Senators

  • Over 50.5
  • Under 51.5

I like MacArthur to once again break the 50 point plateau.  He scored 55 last year and will be counted on to provide offense even more so this season.

Erik Karlsson – Ottawa Senators

  • Over 68.5
  • Under 68.5

If Karlsson can stay healthy I don’t see any way he doesn’t clear 70 points once again.

Max Pacioretty – Montreal Canadiens

  • Over 64.5
  • Under 64.5

I don’t think Pacioretty can be expected to score this much.  His career max is 65 points and if he gets hurt, which is always possible with Pacioretty then this is an easy under bet.

PK Subban – Montreal Canadiens

  • Over 60.5
  • Under 60.5

I’m not a Subban fan, but I actually see him scoring more than 60 points this season.  He scored almost a point per game in the playoffs last season and he continues to improve his game at both ends of the ice.

Alex Galchenyuk – Montreal Canadiens

  • Over 41.5
  • Under 42.5

The big question about Galchenyuk is if he can stay healthy for an entire season.  If he plays 82 games he probably scores 45 points or so, but if he plays 70 he will likely hit under on this bet.

PA Parenteau – Montreal Canadiens

  • Over 45.5
  • Under 45.5

Parenteau is an offensive player and if he stays healthy and in the top 6 in Montreal I expect him to have a bounce back year.  I like Parenteau to score over 55 points this season and likely end up with around 65 points for the Habs.

James van Riemsdyk – Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Over 59.5
  • Under 59.5

JvR took a big step forward last season and another full season in Toronto should allow him to get up to 65+ points.  This is of course if he stays healthy for a full 80+ games.

Phil Kessel – Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Over 80.5
  • Under 80.5

Kessel’s best season he scored 82 points in 82 games.  Last season he scored 80 points in 82 games.  If you guarantee that he plays 82 games than this total is a toss up, but if he misses just 5 games he probably finishes under.

Nazem Kadri – Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Over 54.5
  • Under 55.5

I like Kadri to get back to being closer to a point per game player this season than he was last year.  I like him to score 65+ points this season, but he has to stay healthy to accomplish that.

Tyler Bozak – Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Over 50.5
  • Under 52.5

I like Bozak to finish with over 50 points if he plays at least 65 games this season.  Bozak generally plays with Kessel and if he stays with Kessel for at least the majority of the season I like to get the over on this total.

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