NFL Week 13 Spread Betting Picks 2019

I went 1-1 with my NFL spread betting picks last week. The Bengals were able to keep it close in a low scoring game, as expected, which was a nice win to beat the +7 spread. In the later game, the Patriots were very close to covering the -6 point spread, but the Cowboys strangely chose to kick a field goal from the Pats 11 down 7 points with 6 minutes left in a low scoring game.

I’m now 13-9 with my NFL spread betting picks this season. I will be using for all of the spreads and picks below.  You can see our full SIA review here.  I’m going with just 2 picks again in week 13.

Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants

  • Green Bay -6.5
  • New York +6.5

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense couldn’t get anything going in San Francisco this past week. That’s three games in a row where Rodgers could not move the ball, but that was against three solid pass defenses. Rodgers has been stifled by good defenses this year, while going off against weak defenses such as 429 yards vs Oakland or another big game a few weeks back against the Chiefs. The Giants defense is ranked 26th against opposing QB’s this year and I expect Rodgers to go off this week while trying to get his offense back on track after a few tough match-ups.

I’m also expecting Aaron Jones to bounce back with a big game running the football, and Jones and Rodgers both going should result in the Packers scoring 30+ in this game. I fully expect the Packers offense to get back on track against this weak defense, which should allow the Packers to cover the spread.

Rodgers and company will have to figure out a way to move the ball against strong defenses if they hope to compete in the playoffs this year, but this is a good spot to get some confidence and timing back against the Giants.

Play: Packers -6.5

LA Chargers @ Denver Broncos

  • Los Angeles -2.5
  • Denver +2.5

Brandon Allen is not going to be able to move the ball against this Chargers defense. It will be up to Lindsay and Freeman to score points for this Broncos team and I don’t think the team as a whole puts up more than 15 points in this game.

The Chargers offense is also in tough in Denver, but I have more confidence in Philip Rivers than most. He’s passed for over 200 yards every game this year and even in tough spots he can find a way to move the ball a little bit. I’m expecting LA to do most of their damage on the ground. Singletary and Gore combined for 171 rushing yards vs the Broncos last week, and I think the Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler combination is one of the best in the league. Look for Gordon to have a big game, with Ekeler also used plenty in the passing game to move the ball against this Broncos defense that is very solid vs wide receivers.

The Chargers should be able to score 20+ in this game, which will be enough to cover the spread in Denver.

Play: Chargers -2.5

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