McGregor vs Mayweather Prop Betting Odds and Tips

The Mayweather vs Mayweather fight is now less than a month away.  It feels like we’re in the final stretch and the hype is building.  I’ve gone over how I think the fight will go in my mind many times and I think I’m settled on which prop bets I’m going to place.  I’ve checked out all of the prop bets for the fight and I have found some bets that I absolutely love relative to betting on the winner straight up.  If you think Floyd is going to win, like I do, finding the right prop bets is the best way to get more than a few cent return on your investment.

The odds of many of these props will vary significantly between sportsbooks, so it’s important that you compare the odds to ensure you get the best return on your investment.  I will use the best odds from any of our top rated sportsbooks for Canadians for each of the props, but these odds will change as we get closer to the fight so be sure to check the odds at each of the sportsbooks we recommend below.

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Over/Under Rounds

The sportsbooks agree that the total rounds prop is best set at 9.5, but the odds for the over and under vary quite a bit.

  • Over 9.5 rounds 2.28
  • Under 9.5 rounds 1.61

I like the under here.  I’m just not convinced that Conor’s cardio will hold up past around the 20 minute mark in this fight (round 6) and there is also the possibility that Floyd is just that much better or the other possibility that Conor actually lands a big shot early to put Floyd on skates.

Method Of Victory

There are couple types of method of victory props that the sportsbooks are offering.  In the first type all of the finishing fight possibilities (KO, TKO and DQ) are combined, but you can also wager on “exact method of victory” where the finishing possibilities are separated so you can wager on TKO specifically for example.

Here are the fight outcome odds from Betway, where the TKO, KO and DQ are combined as a fight finish.

  • Mayweather Knockout 1.66
  • Mayweather Decision 3.00
  • Draw 41.00
  • McGregor Knockout 6.50
  • McGregor Decision 23.00

I would take Floyd here with odds of 1.66.

Floyd hasn’t had a KO since beating Victor Ortiz back in 2011 and if you remember he earned that KO when Ortiz went to hug him to apologize for a low blow and Mayweather proceeded to knock him out. Before that you’d have to go all the way back to 1999 to find the last Floyd KO, which was Justin Juuko. If you remove the Ortiz KO then Floyd only has 3 KO’s in his entire 49-0 career. Compare that number with 18 TKO victories. Add in the iron chin that Conor has displayed in the UFC and a KO is very unlikely in my opinion. That said, I still think Floyd will finish this fight due to Conor’s inability to go 36 minutes while looking for a knockout, which is Conor’s only road to victory. Look for Floyd to take Conor into deep waters in this fight and then get the TKO likely up against the ropes.

Other Unique Props

Sportsbooks also have some other unique prop bets that you can make on this fight.  Here are a few of them.

Rematch has a prop bet available where you can wager on if McGregor and Mayweather will have a rematch in 2018.  I personally do not think there is any chance of this happening.  The fans want to see this because of the question mark surrounding what a top MMA fighter would look like in a boxing match with Floyd.  The only possible chance there is of a rematch here would be if Conor gets the win, and even then I don’t think Conor would be willing to get back into the ring, instead ending his boxing career 1-0 beating the best of all-time.

There are a lot of prop betting opportunities available for this fight and as we inch closer to the August 26th date I’m sure more props will pop up at the betting sites.  If you like Floyd to win this fight I think there is a lot of value in betting a prop you like, such as the TKO prop that I outlined above, rather than only getting less than a quarter on the dollar picking him to win outright.

If you’re ready to place a wager be sure to check out our how to bet on McGregor vs Mayweather in Canada page for a step by step guide to getting your bets in on this fight.

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