Kings vs Rangers Cup Finals Game 2 Betting Odds and Pick

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals was about as exciting as they come.  Sure it was very sloppy at times, especially by the Kings in the first period, but we were able to see what the Kings have become known for this playoffs: bringing out their best stuff when their back is against the wall.  The Kings came back from 2 goals down to win the game in overtime by none other than the clutch master himself Justin Williams.

Now we move on to game 2 where the Kings could really take control of this series. Let’s check out the odds from the best Canadian betting sites online.

2014 Stanley Cup Game 2 Odds

  • New York Rangers 2.40
  • Los Angeles Kings 1.67

The odds are almost the exact same as they were in game 1.

My Pick

LA Kings LogoI like the Kings in this one.  The Kings played uncharacteristically sloppy in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, with Doughty in particular, who is normally rock solid defensively looking like a goat on the two breakaway goals against in the first period.  I expect the Kings not to make the same mistake in game 2.  It was almost like the Kings were expecting the Rangers to be so inferior that the Kings “B” game could handle them easily.  The West is better than the East, but not that much better, and the Rangers are obviously playing some good hockey having made it to the Stanley Cup.  I think the Kings realize this now and they will be more ready to come out strong in game 2.

In game 1 the Kings found another gear at the end of the game.  They outshot the Rangers 20-3 in the third period and absolutely controlled the game.  The Rangers were the better team in the first period, but not by much (the Kings actually outshot the Rangers 14-13 in the first).  I think as a viewer we were more so just surprised by the first period because I for one also thought that the Kings would possibly steam roll New York in this series.

A number from game 1 that really sticks out to me is 18 giveaways by the Kings.  I would guess that a vast majority of these were in the first period and I know for a fact that two of them lead to goals.  The Kings will be more careful with the puck in game 2 now that they’ve seen the speed that the Rangers can generate.

Overall, I just think the Kings are better in all aspects of the game except for goaltending (and Quick is no slouch either).  If they can find a way to beat Lundqvist a few more times I see them winning this game and taking a commanding lead.

My Pick: LA Kings 1.67

Sports Betting Canadian PictureAn interesting fact that not many people are talking about is that the Kings and Rangers were extremely defensive teams in the regular season.  The Kings had the fewest goals against, while the Rangers had the fourth fewest.  They also ahd the fewest goals for of all playoff teams except for Montreal, who had fewer than the Rangers.  I guess defense does win championships!

Of course the Kings did somehow flick a switch and go from 2.42 goals per game in the regular season to 3.46 goals per game in the playoffs and have become by far the most offensive team in the post season.  It’s funny how that works.

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