Instant Banking is a simple way to transfer funds directly from your bank account to your sports betting account.  You only need to enter your banking login information, select the account, and confirm your payment to make the transfer.

Instant Bank Transfer is a safe and secure online banking transfer option that does not require any information outside of a secured login to your online banking, making it one of the best ways to transfer funds directly from your bank account to an online sportsbook.

Sportsbooks Accepting Instant Banking

Bet Now
  • Licensed and located in Ontario
  • Entirely focused on Canadian betting market
  • Easy deposit/withdrawal options, including Interac
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Bet99 offers Instant Bank Transfer through Pay-Direct as a deposit method for Canadians.

Instant Banking Deposit Guide

Here is a step by step guide to deposit via Instant Banking at Bet99.

Select Instant Bank Transfer

After you’ve clicked on ‘Deposit’ in the Bet99 sportsbook you should select ‘Instant Banking’ from the list of deposit options.

Enter Deposit Amount

After selecting Instant Bank Transfer you will be prompted to enter the deposit amount before being transferred to the Instant Banking website.

Select Your Bank

You will be taken to the Instant Banki Transfer by PayDirect website.  Your deposit amount will be shown on the screen and you will have to select your bank to continue.

Enter Your Banking Login

You will next use your bank card number and password to log into your banking account through the PayDirect website.  After this your banking accounts will be shown and you can choose which account to fund your deposit from.

Here’s a screenshot from the PayDirect website showing the process:


You are able to withdraw funds back to your bank account via the Instant Bank Transfer method.  The process is just as simple as making the deposit.