The NBA continues to gain popularity north of the border. The Raptors winning the NBA Championship in 2019 took the league to another level here in Canada. Add in the fact that the Canadian talent in the NBA is at an all-time high, the buzz for the NBA in Canada is as high as it’s ever been.

Sports betting and NBA betting in particular has increased here in Canada over the past few years. For this reason I wanted to create this page to give you a simple step by step guide to placing your first NBA bets at a popular and trusted online betting site.

Bet On The NBA in Canada – 3 Step Guide

Step 1. Join An Online Betting Site

The first step towards making an NBA bet is to open an account with an online sportsbook. Our top rated betting site for Canadians is They are entirely focused on the Canadian sports betting market, which shows through in their bet offerings, deposit/withdrawal options, promotions and customer service all being geared towards Canadians. Check out our full review.

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You can also check out our reviews of the top 3 betting sites for Canadians if you’d like to shop around.

Step 2. Deposit

Next you will have to deposit the funds you wish to bet on NBA games. To deposit click on the ‘Deposit’ link after logging into your SIA account.

From here you can select one of the many deposit options offered by SIA and follow the instructions to complete your deposit. Here’s a screenshot of some of the deposit options. Check out our deposit options page for further details on any method.

Step 3. Place Your NBA Bets

To find the NBA betting lines at, click on ‘Sports’ from the top menu bar, open the ‘Basketball’ drop down menu, open the next ‘USA’ menu and select ‘NBA Games’.

Here’s an example of what single game betting options look like for an NBA game:

You can see the point spread, money line, and over/under bets are displayed for each game. You can also select the game header (team names) to bring up the prop betting options for the game. To learn more about the various bets you can make on an NBA game check out our basketball betting section.

If you have any questions about NBA betting feel free to send me an email on the contact me page and I’ll try to help out.

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