Daily fantasy Nascar has blown up over the past year.  DraftKings (full review here) just started offering NASCAR daily fantasy contests near the beginning of 2015 and it’s taken off to the point where they have around 50,000 entries in the $3 entry contest each week.

The Sports Betting CanadianI’ll be honest.  I’m personally still not watching NASCAR races, but DraftKings starting to offer Nascar DFS has definitely made me take more notice of the sport.  I’m just a massive DraftKings fan, so anything that brings in more players to the site is exciting to me.

Top Daily Fantasy Nascar Site

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DraftKings.com is the main daily fantasy site that offers Nascar daily fantasy contests.  They’re my favourite DFS site and it’s these different daily fantasy sport options that have really set them apart at the top of the industry.

DraftKings runs some very big Nascar contests each week.  As I’m writing this DraftKings.com has a $3 contest with $110,000 in guaranteed prizes for the upcoming Nascar race, with first place paying out $10,000!

Nascar is continuing to grow so I’m expecting I’ll have to continue to update this page because I see the average prize pool of DraftKings main Nascar contest increasing ten-fold over the next year.

Picking Drivers

At DraftKings.com your fantasy Nascar team consists of 6 drivers.  Each driver is given a salary and you must keep the total amount under a $50,000 salary cap.  In a typical contest the cost of drivers can range from $11,000+ at the high end to just over $5000 on the low end.  For example, in the contest I’m looking at Jimmie Johnson is the highest priced driver at $11,200 with Kevin Harvick close behind at $11,000.

Here is an example team from the Nascar event taking place as I write this page:


You can also check out the salaries for an upcoming contest at DraftKings.com yourself.


The scoring for Nascar daily fantasy at DraftKings is fairly straight forward.  What you are really looking for is drivers to improve their starting position throughout the race.  There are 4 different stats that combine to find each drivers final DK score.

  • Place Differential = +/- 1 point
    • This is the difference between a drivers starting and finishing position.  For example, if the driver starts in 20th position and finishes in 10th, they would earn +10 points.  If they start in 10th and finish in 20th they would earn -10 points.
  • Fastest Laps = +0.5 points
    • Each time a driver has the fastest lap they will earn 0.5 points towards their score.
  • Laps Led = +0.25 points
    • Every lap a driver leads will add 0.25 points to their score.
  • Finishing Position
    • The finishing position earns a set amount of points for each driver.  For example 1st place scores 46 points, 2nd place = 42 points, 3rd place = 41 points and so on all the way down to 43rd place earning 1 point.

As you can see you really need the winning driver on your roster.  Not only will they earn the 46 points for winning the race, but they will also likely be leading several laps and unless they started in first position they will also have a strong place differential.

Daily Fantasy Nascar Tips

Based on the DraftKings scoring there are a couple basic strategies that you can employ after you know the qualifying positions for the drivers.

  • Select the Pole Position Driver – To me there are a lot of reasons to take the driver in pole position.  Yes, they may lose place differential points if they don’t win the race, but I still think the benefit outweighs the negatives.  First of all the driver has already shown the ability to put out fast laps in qualifying.  For this reason I think you can bank on some fastest laps points throughout the race.  They also kick off leading the race, which means you are definitely in line for some laps leds points throughout the race.  Finally the pole position driver generally has the best chance to win the race, which means you can be in line for a big finishing position bonus.
  • Look for Place Differential Opportunities – If a driver had a rough time at qualifying and is starting near the back of the pack they may be a great opportunity to swing for the fences and look for the place differential points.  If you can select a driver who started near the back and finishes in the top 10, they will be in line for around 20 extra place differential points, which could make them one of the top scoring drivers of the race.