Northwest Territories Sports Betting

Similar to the Yukon, the Northwest Territories has the population of a small Canadian city, but its residents are still Canadian and that means they love hockey.

The WCLC does govern the offline sports betting in the Northwest Territories, which means Sport Select betting games such as Proline are available at local lottery outlets.  These Sport Select betting lotteries are great for beginning sports bettors, but Yukon residents who intend to bet more than a couple times a year should look at opening an account with an online sportsbook.

Best Sports Betting Sites for Northwest Territories

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    • Licensed and regulated in Canada
    • Easy deposits & withdrawals including Interac
    • Competitive betting lines
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    • Licensed in Ontario and Malta (accepts bettors from across Canada)
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I personally have an account with each of these solid sportsbooks.  They are each trying to gain more Canadian market share which in turn means great bonuses, promotions, and customer support for Canadians, as well as betting options geared towards the Canadian public!

Offline Betting in the Northwest Territories

All offline sports betting in the Northwest Territories runs through the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC).  These WCLC’s sports betting games are called Sport Select with Proline, Point Spreads and Pools being the betting options for Northwest Territories residents.  You can play any of these sports betting games by filling out a ticket at your local WCLC outlet (usually gas stations or convenience stores will offer Sport Select booths).  The Sport Select games are perfect for beginning sports bettors who are just learning about odds and placing their first bets, but once you start betting more than once a month you should make the transition to betting online (better odds, less restrictions, free bets).

Proline is the most popular Sport Select betting game and it involves picking 3 to 6 winners for the night in a parlay bet.  If all of your picks are correct then your ticket is a winner.  The potential payout is determined by multiplying all of the odds together for the picks you have made to find the parlay odds.  You can then multiply those odds by your bet amount to find your potential payout.

Sports Betting Canadian Mascot Pointing

I started out betting on NHL games through Proline with my friends over ten years ago.  It’s a great way to start placing money on games with little initial effort!  After betting on Proline for about a year I finally made the jump to betting online.  On top of the free bets they gave me for signing up the odds were so much better that I was winning almost double on my parlay bets and the betting options were seemingly endless, with the option to also bet on single games!