Most Canadians have performed an Interac e-Transfer through their online banking account.  I find it’s the easiest way to transfer money to fellow Canadians.  Now you can also use this Interac e-Transfer method to fund your online sports betting account.

Sports Betting Canadian PictureI love this deposit option at Bodog.  I personally use Interac e-Transfers several times a month to square up with buddies whether it be paying off a friendly bet or settling up with organizer for the weekends hockey tournament.  It’s great this easy method can also be used to fund your sports betting account as well.

Sportsbooks Accepting Interac e-Transfers

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Interac e-Transfer Deposit Guide

After selecting Interac e-Transfer as your payment method you will be given three step instructions to make your deposit, which I have copied below.

Bodog Interact Deposit


Basically you just go about performing a regular Interac e-Transfer, but the information you are to put in the e-Transfer fields are outlined for you.

In the Secret Question field you input your Bodog account number.

In the Secret Answer field you input whatever it tells you at the time. For me it was canada213 (there was no need for me to block that part out).

In the Message/Note field input whatever it tells you to as well.

After you submit the transfer it will take between 3 and 20 hours for your deposit to show up in your account.  If you would like an instant deposit I suggest using the Direct Bank Transfer method.

The Sports Betting CanadianThis is a great method because it’s as easy as shooting some cash to a buddy.  You don’t need to know any of your own banking information except how to log into your online banking account.  The one downside is the wait time, which makes this deposit method unsatisfactory if you are looking to bet on tonight’s games.