Potential Week 3 NFL Daily Fantasy Overlay Contests

DK Milly Maker 7 MThere was still a ton of overlay across the daily fantasy industry last week.  The most notable was probably the Millionaire Maker at DraftKings.com, which had about $8.5M in entries into their $10,000,000 guaranteed contest.  That left $1.5M in overlay, which is something a big company will not want to repeat.  For this reason we are now seeing a $7,000,000 Millionaire Maker for Week 3, which I expect to fill up.  There will still be some overlay contests at DraftKings.com, but you will have to keep your eyes open for them on Sunday around noon to know for sure which contests will have good value for your lineups.

The other main DFS site FanDuel.com had already dropped down the majority of their GPP guarantees last week, which I think helped them keep their overlay total down.  They were actually the only DFS site that I follow who made money this past week based on their entries.  Just like DraftKings.com, some contests will still have overlay, but you have to keep your eye open to find them on the site this week.

Just because the main two DFS sites likely won’t have a ton of overlay this coming week doesn’t mean that there won’t be a great deal of value still available in the DFS industry.  Here are some other great sites to check out.  I’ve included their biggest overlay tournaments from last week and if I expect them to once again have overlay in Week 3.


$250,000 Run & Gun ($25 entry) – Week 2 entries 5851 – $146,275/$250,000 – $103,725 overlay

This overlay dropped almost $30,000 from week 1, which is exactly what the site will have wanted to see.  This is actually a good thing because it should convince FantasyDraft.com to continue with the same marketing strategy of offering these overlays to draw in new players.  I’m expecting a few more entries once again this week, but look for about $90,000 of overlay in this Week 3 contest at FantasyDraft.

$100,000 Shotgun ($12 entry) – Week 2 entries 4919 – $59,028/$100,000 – $40,972 overlay

$50,000 Wishbone ($5 entry) – Week 2 entries 5743 – $28,715/$50,000 – $21,285 overlay

These two slightly smaller contests also had about 40% overlay, which is a great spot for DFS players.  I’m expecting these overlays to go down a bit in week 3, but I still expect FantasyDraft.com to be paying out a lot this week.

New sign ups at FantasyDraft get a 100% matching bonus up to $600.  Click here to claim.


$100,000 Touchdown ($10 entry) – Week 2 entries 6154 – $61,540/$100,000 – $38,460 overlay

$50,000 Spike ($20 entry) – Week 2 entries 1552 – $31,040/$50,000 – $18,960 overlay

DraftPot is a new site that just had a huge influx of cash from investors in the recent couple months.  They are using this money to attempt to bring in new players through these great overlay contests.  I’m expecting a small drop in the overlays this week as more people get on board with DraftPot.com, but there will still be a lot of value in these contests.

New sign ups at DraftPot.com get a 100% matching bonus up to $1000.  Click here to claim.


$100,000 First Down ($10 entry) – Week 2 entries 6710 – $67,100/$100,000 – $32,900 overlay

$50,000 Lombardi ($100 entry) – Week 2 entries 462 entries – $46,200/$50,000 – $3,800 overlay

StarsDraft.com just announced that even with these overlays from last week, they are actually increasing the prize pool for these contests.  The $10 entry contest will now have a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000, while the $100 entry contest is being bumped up to $75,000.  These are very good spots now and you can bet that I will have several lineups in each contest this week.

New signs ups at StarsDraft get a 100% matching bonus up to $250.  Click here to claim.

I personally had a pretty bad week 2, but thanks to these overlays I cam close to breaking even.  I’m going to be right back at it in Week 3 hoping to win one of these contests with big overlay.

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