Sport Betting Canadian Hockey MascotDraftKings and FanDuel are miles ahead of any of the other smaller daily fantasy sites in the industry and the chances are if you are into daily fantasy hockey you are playing at one of these two sites.  The issue then becomes understanding the scoring at each site and applying the correct strategy depending on these scoring rules.

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DraftKings vs FanDuel NHL Scoring

In daily fantasy hockey DraftKings and FanDuel have vastly different scoring systems for players.  Below, I’ve broken down the scoring at each site into an easy to see table, so you can easily see the differences.

Daily Fantasy Scoring – Players

  • Goal
    • DraftKings +3 points
    • FanDuel +12 points
  • Assist
    • DraftKings +2 points
    • FanDuel +8 points
  • Shot On Goal
    • DraftKings +0.5 points
    • FanDuel +1.6 points
  • Blocked Shot
    • DraftKings +0.5 points
    • FanDuel +1.6 points
  • Powerplay Bonus
    • DraftKings None
    • FanDuel +0.5 points
  • Short Handed Bonus
    • DraftKings +1 point
    • FanDuel +2 points
  • Shootout Goal
    • DraftKings +0.2 points
    • FanDuel None
  • Hat Trick Bonus
    • DraftKings +1.5 points
    • FanDuel None

As you can see there are some major differences between DraftKings and FanDuel in regards to NHL daily fantasy scoring.  I’ll quickly go through some of the differences below and how these changes may affect your strategy when it comes to selecting your lineup.

Shots On Goal

This is a very minor difference between the two sites with DraftKings awarding 0.5 points per shot on goal, while FanDuel awards 1.6 points.  In reality DraftKings gives more relative points for shots than FanDuel does.  We can see that DraftKings weights shots at 16.67% of goals, while FanDuel weights shots at just 13.33% of goals.  This gives a slight bump to player value for shooters at DraftKings.

Blocked Shots

The relative worth of blocked shots is the same as shots on goal at DraftKings and FanDuel.  So DraftKings gives more relative points for blocked shots than FanDuel does.

Special Teams Points

DraftKings gives a bonus point for shorthanded points, while FanDuel gives 0.5 bonus points for powerplay points as well as 2 points for shorthanded points.

This means that players who kill penalties get a very minor bump in value at DK.  On the flip side I think players who both are on the PP and kill penalties get a very minor bump at FanDuel.  The bonus points are fairly insignificant, but they could come into play if you’re between two players and know that one has the ability to earn the bonus shorthanded points, which could give him the edge.

Shootout Goals

DK gives a small 0.2 point bonus for shootout goal scorers.  I don’t really take this into account when picking my team, but instead look at it as more of a bonus if one of my guys gets a chance in the shootout.

Hat Trick

These are some more bonus points I don’t really go after because of the rarity of a hat trick in an NHL game.  It’s nice to have a Alex Ovechkin or Tyler Seguin on your team because of the possibility of a hattie, but I don’t think you should be hunting for hat trick bonus points too often (except maybe in huge GPPs).

Daily Fantasy Scoring – Goaltenders

  • Win
    • DraftKings +3 points
    • FanDuel +12 points
  • Save
    • DraftKings +0.2 points
    • FanDuel +0.8 points
  • Shutout
    • DraftKings +2 points
    • FanDuel +8 points
  • Goals Against
    • DraftKings -1 point
    • FanDuel -4 points

The goaltender position has the same scoring at both DraftKings and FanDuel.  At the goaltender position you’re mainly looking for a goalie who will win his game and has the potential for a shutout.

If you really want to go for the big points though you can take a goaltender who is playing against a team that shoots the puck a lot.  You can see that saves are worth 0.2 points, while goals against are only -1.  Considering that most goaltenders save a little more than 90% of shots against, putting in a tender who is on an underdog team expected to concede a lot of shots to the opposition could be a good play if your goaltender stands on his head and pulls out the win.

I personally like to look for goaltenders that are playing teams that shoot the puck a lot, but don’t score.


For all of you who prefer to watch a video than read a page of content, no worries, I’ve got you covered.  I also added a YouTube video going over the DraftKings and FanDuel NHL fantasy scoring: